We create your solutions!

From idea to prototype to final product!

  • Electronic Design

    The biggest knowledge and experience is build up around electronic designs, all other parts of the prototyping chain are extra's that we offer to acheive fast turn around times. We are highly expierienced with designing electronics for alot of different markets! For example cubesat electronics, test systems, industrial devices, wearable devices, ...

  • 3D Printing

    Since 2014 we've been exploring different 3D printing techniques, this resulted in own 3D printers that are easily modifiable to customer needs.

  • 3D Design

    We know how to design parts that are 100% 3D printable because of our knowledge in 3D printing. Also realistic 3D desings of our electronic designs are generated by us, this way you can already start marketing campaigns, or fit if mechanical and electronic pars fit together perfectly!

  • Software Design

    Because we stand very close to designed hardware, we are able to create optimized drivers and firmware for your applications. Also small PC applications are under this part of the design.

  • Mechatronics Design

    Because of our 3D printer design experience, we are also able to create custom mechatronic (XYZ movement) devices. This for the help of testing/assembling your prototypes!

The company

Grown out of years of passion, VAE focuses to provide total solutions for the whole prototype process "from idea to prototype". The biggest focus of the company is the design of embedded devices (electronics) and the firmware that runs on those. But we also provide 3D printing, basic 3D modeling, small mechatronics designs, manufacturing of prototypes, software design, ... . This all as a start to create the one-stop-shop for prototypes and designs. Once the prototypes are tested, we also re-design, support, start and follow-up the manufacturing process of electronics.