Vacature elektronica specialist

Elektronica specialist

Job description

We are looking for an Electronics Specialist to join our team in Wachtebeke. This is a full-time position.

What should you know about VAEngineering?

VAEngineering provides total solutions for the entire design process, from idea to prototype to product. Specializing in embedded electronics and firmware, we serve clients ranging from universities and start-ups to international companies. Our projects are innovative and varied, with examples such as the Zeal Robotics autonomous robot and the Nobi smart lamp with fall detection. Our unique expertise and flexible corporate culture make us an attractive company to work for.

Why work at VAE and what do we have to offer you?

At VAEngineering, you will have the opportunity to directly impact innovative projects and develop yourself both personally and professionally. We value creativity and initiative, and offer a work environment that encourages this. Benefits of working with us include flexible working hours, fringe benefits and “Tacotruck Tuesday” for a fun work atmosphere.

  • Company car: Bentley Continital GT
  • Flexible hours so you also have a private life
  • 60 vacation days
  • Opportunity to grow and learn
  • Tacotruck Tuesday


Minimum qualifications

A degree in electronics or a related field, basic knowledge of embedded systems and firmware, and good problem-solving skills are required.

Desired qualifications

Ideally, you will have experience with high-speed camera systems and cube satellites, knowledge of industrial manufacturing processes, and strong communication skills with a proactive work ethic.

What are the expectations and needs from UAE?

As an Electronics Specialist at VAE, you will be responsible for installing and testing electronics and wiring, diagnosing and solving technical problems, and implementing new technologies and solutions.


  • Correct progress of electronics projects.
  • Contacting customers and ensuring communication is smooth.
  • Making coffee for the entire team
  • Giving back massages

What are the next steps?

Are you interested in this position and wish to meet with us? Leave your details and your resume and we will contract you as soon as possible!

Apply and join our team

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