From idea to
Prototype to
Finished product

Welcome to VAEngineering

At VAEngineering, we provide total solutions for the entire design process, from idea to prototype to product. Our specialization is in embedded electronics and firmware, with projects ranging from high speed camera systems and cube satellites to portable consumer and industrial products. We serve a wide range of clients, including universities, start-ups and international corporations.

Electronics design

Our core business with extensive experience ranging from cubesat to wearables. In addition, we can support the entire prototyping chain for extra fast turnaround times. 

Firmware design

Because of our close connection to the designed hardware, we are able to create optimized drivers and firmware for your applications.


We watch over production costs and quality like no other when transforming your design into mass production.

Our successful projects

Zeal Robotics

Autonomous Robot for Warehouses

Spinewise wearables

Spinewise - Wearables

The intelligent wearable for workplace ergonomics

Nobi lamp

Nobi - UNO

Smart lamp with fall detection

Experienced in your industry

 Our team has been tackling challenging projects for years, bringing specialized expertise to both niche and large-scale endeavors. With extensive experience across various sectors, organizational sizes, and business cultures, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge and insight. This diverse background equips us to deliver exceptional results, no matter the complexity or scope of your project.





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