About VAE

Born from years of passion, VAEngineering is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for the entire design process, encompassing everything from initial concept to prototype and final product. Our primary focus is on the design of embedded electronics and the firmware that powers them. Our expertise spans a wide range of applications, including high speed camera systems, CubeSat components, wearable technologies, consumer electronics, and industrial products.
We proudly serve a diverse clientele, including universities and startups engaged in research programs, international corporations, and family-owned businesses with commercially deployed products.

In response to the rapidly evolving electronics market, we have the capability to produce our own prototypes when speed is critical. Additionally, we have established partnerships for the assembly and production of mobile-grade prototypes, such as those requiring blind vias and small-pitch BGAs.

Moreover, we collaborate with trusted partners to provide CE certifications, cable assemblies, and other essential services, ensuring that our clients receive complete and compliant solutions.


Thomas Van Aken


Danny Riské

Embedded Engineer

Dimitri Golev

Marketing & Communication

Marianne De Munck