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Contribution to the future of space exploration

At VAE, we are proud to play an active role in the evolution of space technology. Our expertise lies in designing advanced printed circuit boards, developing schematic designs, and performing accurate simulations and measurements.

Through our dedication and technical skills, we contribute to the realization of innovative space projects. Discover how our projects and solutions contribute to the future of space exploration and our passion for perfection continues to push the boundaries of the possible.


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Embedded engineering is the art of turning the universe’s mysteries into manageable realities.

Our successful projects

Zyra Reaction wheel

Zyra Reaction Wheel

The Zyra reaction wheel is a compact, low microvibrations reaction wheel for CubeSats up to 12U. The wheel is equiped with custom drive electronics and internal speed control to offer high rotational speed accuracy and stability. The wheel is radiation shielded and is offered with its mounting on 3 different planes for flexible integration.

Twinkle Star Tracker

The Twinkle star tracker offers extremely high attitude determination accuracy in a component the size of a matchbox car. The volume, mass and power budgets allow to easily incorporate a set of sensors in the spacecraft, leading to high availability and accuracy.


Sagitta Star Tracker

The Sagitta star tracker offers arc second range pointing accuracy to your CubeSat. The custom algorithms are optimized for accuracy, robustness and low computational cost. The star tracker has a built-in baffle to reduce the effect of stray light. The system is compact and easy to interface in CubeSats and large satellites.

Step 1

Initial Consultation

Understanding your needs

Step 2

Concept and Design

Sketches and designs of the electronic solutions

Step 3


Construction and testing of prototypes

Step 4

Feedback and Revision

Adjustments and controls based on feedback

Step 5

Production and implementation

Ready for use or mass production

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